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Título : Effect of ovary induction on bread wheat anther culture: ovary genotype and developmental stage, and candidate gene association
Autor : Castillo, Ana M.
Sánchez Díaz, Rosa A.
Vallés, María P.
Fecha de publicación : 18-jun-2015
Resumen : Ovary pre-conditioned medium and ovary co-culture increased the efficiency of green doubled haploid plant production in bread wheat anther culture. The positive effect of this medium led to a 6- and 11-fold increase in the numbers of embryos and green plants, respectively, having a greater effect on a medium-low responding cultivar. Ovary genotype and developmental stage significantly affected microspore embryogenesis. By the use of Caramba ovaries it was possible to reach a 2-fold increase in the number of embryos and green plants, and to decrease the rate of albinism. Mature ovaries from flowers containing microspores at a late binucleate stage raised the number of embryos and green plants by 25–46% as compared to immature ovaries (excised from flowers with microspores at a mid-late uninucleate stage). The highest numbers of embryos and green plants were produced when using mature Caramba ovaries. Ovaries from Galeón, Tigre, and Kilopondio cultivars successfully induced microspore embryogenesis at the same rate as Caramba ovaries. Moreover, Tigre ovaries raised the percentage of spontaneous chromosome doubling up to 71%. Attempts were made to identify molecular mechanisms associated to the inductive effect of the ovaries on microspore embryogenesis. The genes TAA1b, FLA26, and WALI6 associated to wheat microspore embryogenesis, the CGL1 gene involved in glycan biosynthesis or degradation, and the FER gene involved in the ovary signaling process were expressed and/or induced at different rates during ovary culture. The expression pattern of FLA26 and FER could be related to the differences between genotypes and developmental stages in the inductive effect of the ovary. Our results open opportunities for new approaches to increase bread wheat doubled haploid production by anther culture, and to identify the functional components of the ovary inductive effect on microspore embryogenesis.
Palabras clave : Wheat
Ovary developmental stage
Editorial : Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Citación : Castillo, A.; Sánchez, R. & Vallés, M. (2015). Effect of ovary induction on bread wheat anther culture: ovary genotype and developmental stage, and candidate gene association. Front. PlantSci.6:402. DOI: https://doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2015.00402
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URI : http://repositorio.inia.gob.pe/handle/inia/1193
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.3389/fpls.2015.00402
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